Hoekom moet ek lid van die NWKV word?

Hoekom moet ek lid van die NWKV word ; Information Booklet

How does NWGA membership benefit me as commercial and communal farmer?

The role of the NWGA in serving commerical and communal farmers

How do I become a NWGA member?

Applications forms available at provincial NWGA offices – refer to Contact us.

Membership fees – how much do I pay?

A minimum deduction of R150/member/annum should the percentage deduction (as indicated below) be less than R150-00 but not more than R1 500.
A percentage deduction on the value of the clip should the amount be higher than R150:

Northern Cape    0,25%
Eastern Cape    0,15%
Western Cape     0,15%
Free State         0,15%
Mpumalanga      0,15%
KwaZulu Natal    0,25%

Any enquiries relating to deductions can be made to the respective NWGA provincial offices.

NWGA Member Application