Wool Farmer

Reflection At the end of 2009 we look back at the year and reflect on what happened, both positive and negative. We had a tremendous growth in the wool price, albeit from a very low base earlier this year.

The world recession took its grip on South Africa, but it has officially lifted and we have entered positive growth for the last quarter of the year. We struggled with drought in the biggest part of South Africa and it has not released its grip yet. The Eastern part of South Africa is wet and the western parts very dry. We had a below average minister of Agriculture who was replaced earlier this year by one who is a vast improvement. Fertilizer and fuel prices went up and down and so the list goes on. Up and down, the up gets offset by a down and what you lose on the swings you make up on the roundabouts. Just as you think things are on an even keel a problem arises, gets resolved and so life goes on. I am told that we are getting to grips with a free market in agriculture and we are trading in the global village. This is the way of the world; there is no other show in town. As organisation we achieved some goals and we failed in others. For some we received credit and others took credit in other terrains. We came in for some stick in some areas by influencing situations we perceived to be in our interest. Some places we burned our fingers and in other places we did things right. We are getting to grips with the free market around us and defining our position in our industry. I would like to think we are coming of age, defining our parameters and the parameters of those around us. The vice-president jokingly refers to our situation by saying that the rest of the industry cannot pull the wool over our eyes anymore; we have become streetwise. We play the leading role in the South African wool industry, of that I am convinced. It’s been a good year, we have made our influence felt and will continue to be the driver in 2010. It’s holiday season and let us slow down, reflect on the past year and plan for 2010. Its not going to be easy, its going to be the same rollercoaster ride we have become used to, up and down, boom or bust, but at the end of the day things always turn out for the best. Maybe a little richer, maybe a little poorer, we made it through 2009, 2010 will offer the same challenges. Lastly and most important, in all that we achieve, in all that we don’t achieve, in all things that give us joy and all things make us sad, for the times we need to be strong and the times we must be weak, the times we must be bold and the times we must not, all the glory and recognition to Almighty God, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!